Beihang University (China) Wang Jingjing: “Post-90s” Ph.D. Supervisor Youth Network Security Person

In Beihang University, there is such a young teacher who insists on demand orientation and leads the direction of scientific research with practical problems; he insists on applying what he has learned and drives engineering application with academic innovation. He is Wang Jingjing, an associate professor of the “post-90s” at the School of Cyberspace Security.

Wang Jingjing, associate professor, doctoral supervisor, Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University, will join the School of Cyberspace Security, Beihang University in October 2021. His main research direction is UAV ad hoc network and swarm intelligence collaboration theory and engineering application. Selected into the National Young Talents Program and Beihang Youth Top-notch Talents Program, presided over 5 national scientific research projects, 6 representative papers were selected as ESI Highly Cited Papers, and authorized more than 20 patents. The research results have won the first prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology awards 4 times, the invention award of the International Invention Exhibition 2 times, and the best paper award of IEEE journals and conferences 5 times.

Advancing with the times, unity of knowledge and action

Wang Jingjing kept in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s entrustment to the vast number of scientific and technological workers at the National Science and Technology Innovation Conference and the Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to “write papers on the land of the motherland” and “to guide the country’s strategic needs” in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. , gather strength to carry out original and leading scientific and technological research, and resolutely win the battle of key core technologies”. The problem of wide-area coverage and autonomous collaboration in application scenarios is dedicated to the research of drone ad hoc network and cluster intelligent collaboration technology.

He is quiet and eager to learn, rigorous and honest, adhering to the academic philosophy of “sit on the bench for ten years, and never write half a sentence”. Synergy has achieved phased research results in three aspects, and has been widely recognized by international peers, and has been successfully applied in major projects of relevant departments and aerospace institutes.

Wang Jingjing and the research team

Diligent thinking, teamwork

Inspired by Beihang’s spirit of “serving the country with space and space” and guided by the scientific research model of “big team, big platform, big project, and big achievements”, Wang Jingjing believes that if you want to make big achievements, you cannot “go it alone” , but to “coordinated operations.” With the joint support of Beihang Outstanding Innovation Team Project and Beihang Youth Top-notch Talent Program, he actively participated in various work of the team, including daily morning meeting, weekly group meeting, equipment debugging, field test, etc. With a solid foundation of independent research and development in the field of networking, and his years of academic accumulation in UAV ad hoc networking and collaboration theory, he has successfully participated in the development of a multi-antenna broadband ad hoc network device that can be mounted on mobile platforms such as UAVs. Key technical problems such as on-demand networking and broadband communication in emergency scenarios have been solved, and applications have been realized in fields such as emergency rescue and disaster relief, border inspections, etc. The project achievement “Development of Key Technologies and Equipment for Multi-antenna Broadband Self-Organizing Networks for Emergency Scenarios” has won In 2022, the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Society of Command and Control.

The research team debugs airborne broadband networking equipment

Have the courage to take responsibility and educate people with virtue

Wang Jingjing is the head teacher of Class 227111 of Class 2022 of Chuanyuan Academy. For these children who have just entered the university campus, he regularly organizes ice-breaking activities, one-on-one exchanges and small class meetings. He pays attention to the physical and mental health of each student, pays attention to the advantages and specialties of each student, and also pays attention to improving the cohesion of the class. In the process of training undergraduates, he has always focused on the educational goals of “firm ideals and beliefs, fostering patriotism, strengthening moral cultivation, increasing knowledge, cultivating fighting spirit, and enhancing comprehensive quality”, and cultivates the sense of responsibility of young people in the new era and a sense of mission.

A group photo of the ice-breaking activity of the class led by Wang Jingjing

Wang Jingjing took a group photo with all the students in class 227111

“Strict management, but also great love” is his consistent thinking in guiding graduate students. He asked students to have more desire for knowledge and scientific spirit, keep a close eye on the frontier of disciplines, keep up with national needs, innovate research ideas, and attach importance to engineering applications. Improve students’ logical thinking level in solving practical problems, cultivate students’ hands-on ability, inspire students’ confidence in challenging “stuck neck” technical problems, and encourage students to publish academic achievements in top academic journals.

Wang Jiaxing was the first doctoral student that Wang Jingjing assisted and supervised after joining Beihang University. For the problems he encountered in scientific research, Wang Jingjing always answered questions patiently. Even if we cannot meet each other because of the epidemic, we will regularly discuss scientific research progress and current difficulties with Wang Jiaxing through online meetings. Control the general direction, provide new ideas, guide students to think about the right problems, and teach students to think about problems correctly. Under the guidance of Wang Jingjing, Wang Jiaxing’s scientific research ability has been greatly improved. Within half a year, he completed 2 high-level SCI journal papers and applied for 1 national invention patent.

Wang Jingjing is guiding graduate students

Young Internet security, the pursuit of excellence

In 2017, in response to the call of “building a cyber power into a cyber power”, the young and energetic Cyberspace Security College of Beihang University was born. “Fixed networks, air and space, keep an eye on the frontier, innovate mechanisms, and lead the first-class”, and conduct talent introduction and training around the national demand construction goals. The college discovers talents in teaching practice and cultivates talents in scientific research activities. For outstanding young talents at different stages of development, it provides corresponding support guarantees according to categories, and supports and encourages teachers to innovate and create to the greatest extent. At present, the college has introduced 27 young teachers, forming a gradient faculty team with high academic level, strong innovation ability, reasonable professional knowledge structure and age structure, and rich experience in student training.

The young Cyber ​​Security Academy will keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s entrustment, with the continuous goal of realizing a cyber power, putting the development of human resources at the top priority of technological innovation and talent training, and providing a solid talent guarantee for a cyber power. The new generation of youthful Internet security personnel represented by Mr. Wang Jingjing will also take over the baton of “serving the country from the sky” with practical actions, and regard innovation as a long-distance race without an end, study real problems, really study problems, and strive to forge Become a top scientific research team with “strong sentiment, strong foundation, strong practice, and strong integration”, and make further contributions to the security of the national communication network.

Group photo of all the teachers of Beihang Cyberspace Security School in 2022