Bangkok University (Thailand) Young Event Organizer Molds a New Generation of Event Organizers into the Industry

Department of Event Production and Exhibition and Conference Management The Faculty of Communication Sciences, in collaboration with the Association of Creative Businesses (EMA), organized the “Young Event Organizer” project to create a new generation of event organizers who meet the needs of professional event organizers, with the honor of leading masters in Thailand to attend presentations and coach in projects to organize real-world events for 13 teams of students of the Event Production Department.

For the purpose of this event, it is designed by third-year students in the Department of Event Production to develop creative skills, production and management. The 13 teams of students will be guided by a team of mentors who are outstanding experts in each type of event according to their interests and the type of work they want to produce. To provide feedback, guidelines for developing the event to meet the needs and cover all dimensions of being an organizer event, including exhibits, is the process of producing the event, with expert coaches and faculty in the department overseeing the consultation on the production and management of all stages.

The 13 teams will be showcased in April – May 2022 as part of hands-on learning projects in EDM401: Event and MICE for Corporate, EDM402: Private Event, EDM404: Event and MICE for Cultural Heritage and EDM405: Sport Event and MICE.