Bangkok University (Thailand) BUI Opens up the World of Animation, Molding DMD Kids into Professional Animators

Digital Media and Design International Programs Internship with Expert Industry 2022: Exclusive for DMD Students, BUI provides students with internships with Slothique, Atlanta, U.S.A., a leading international animation company, with the collaboration of digital art artist speakers from the nonprofit ASIFA-SOUTH, Atlanta, U.S.A., and speakers from leading U.S. companies such as PULSEWORK, NETFLIX, FANTASMASION STUDIO, DREAMWORKS ANIMATION, AWESOME INC., DISNEY ANIMATION, BWA STUDIOS, and THE MONK STUDIOS.

1st Prize Miss Kewalin Lehprasert

2nd Prize Mr. Tristan Cloa

3rd Viscount Mr. Kavinvit Jitthum

The project is designed to encourage students to gain real-world work experience and build readiness to enter the international labor market.

At the same time, congratulations to successful students who have been given the opportunity to work in real life after joining the project.

Mr. Tristan Cloa qualified for the second round of the M2 ANIMATION STUDIO STORYBOARD APPRENTICE PROGRAM.

Mr. Sorawat Tangkitplaiboon joins Dark Army Studio as Junior Compositing.

Miss Than Thar Cho is interned with Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

and Mr. R. Pawat KompipatpongMr. Chafir Binsuppaart and Miss Thamon Atthakor received the Paid Professional Internship Design Award and interned with Stone & Quill Co., Ltd.