Sudan (Bakht Alruda University) Launch Of The Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign In Jalmaa Bakht

Organized by Yes Health Association, the launch of the October Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Bakht Al-Reda Village wrote: Sarah Sheikh Mahmoud __ Through the association, a number of 4 training workshops were conducted for all university students in the past period, explaining that the workshops were in the field of primary health care, violence against women, AIDS, drugs, academic achievement and effective communication, and Mokda that the first training workshop was 30 students in 2018, the second training workshop in 2020 was 50 students, the third training workshop in 2021 was 65 students, and the fourth training workshop in 2022 was 75 students and the number of students who were trained Now about 200 students … It should be noted that Yes Health Association works in the health field and spreads awareness among students of Bakht Al-Redha University and outside it was established in 2018 and is sponsored by the Deanship of Students