Azerbaijan University (Azerbaijan) METU rector Mustafa Varshan Kok visited Azerbaijan University

Rector of Middle East Technical University (ODTU), professor Mustafa Varshan Kok and assistant to the rector, professor Mehmet Zeyrek were guests of Azerbaijan University. In the meeting attended by Yusif Gasimov, vice-rector for scientific affairs of Azerbaijan University, Asif Pashayev, dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies, and Tariyel Gani, head of the Education Department, opinions were exchanged on possible cooperation opportunities between the parties.

At the meeting, vice-rector for scientific affairs Yusif Gasimov expressed his satisfaction to see the rector and assistant of EDTU in Azerbaijan and informed the guests about the activities of Azerbaijan University. The vice-rector emphasized that the cooperation with EDTU will create new perspectives and opportunities for Azerbaijan University.

Asif Pashayev, dean of the faculty of information and communication technologies, said that within the framework of the grant project “Raising the professionalism of educators in the field of human-computer interfaces and studying international experience”, he visited EDTU in March for relevant seminars and meetings, and that the university’s education, research, cooperation with industry and social opportunities noted that it is at the highest level.

The rector of EDTU, Professor Mustafa Varshan Kok, expressed his high appreciation for the consistent and purposeful activity of Azerbaijan University in the field of education and research in recent years and expressed the possibility of starting cooperation between the parties in the direction of implementing joint projects and teacher-student exchange.

The guests also said that Azerbaijan has attracted attention with its pace of development in recent years.

At the end of the meeting, the parties presented each other with a souvenir.