Azerbaijan University (Azerbaijan) An event on “November 8 – Victory Day” was held at Azerbaijan University

Military expert Adalat Verdiyev, professor of the department Mais Amrahov, veteran Oruj Bakhshaliyev, veteran Oruj Bakhshaliyev, representative of “Karabakh Veterans” Social Union, Yasamal region, participated in the event organized by the Department of Social Sciences at Azerbaijan University. 

At the event, the National Anthem was played, and the memory of the heroes who rose to the height of martyrdom in the battles for ensuring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was commemorated with a minute’s silence. 

Professor Gabil Aliyev, head of the Department of Social Sciences, opened the event with an opening speech, emphasizing the historical and political significance of Azerbaijan’s victory in the Patriotic War, and noted that the glorious Victory was a great event that every Azerbaijani would be proud of. 

Military expert Adalat Verdiyev’s speech was dedicated to the topic “Great victory in the 44-day Patriotic War”. Adalat Verdiyev said that since 1994, the ineffectiveness of peace talks forced Azerbaijan to return its territories by military means. The 21st century modern warfare model applied by the Azerbaijani army in the Patriotic War and the operation to liberate Shusha from occupation are highly appreciated by military experts. 

Professor Mais Amrahov gave a speech on “The Second Karabakh – Lessons of the Homeland War”. In the speech, the history of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was filtered and the new realities and consequences created by the victory were touched upon. 

Gazi Oruj Bakhshaliyev shared his impressions of the front of the 44-day Patriotic War with the participants of the event.