Libya (Asmarya Islamic University) About AIU

Foundation of AIU The Atheneum of Sheikh Abd al-Salam al-Asmar in the city of Zliten witnessed the birth of Alasmarya Islamic University. This was not a coincidence but an appreciation of the civilized and scientific role played by this educational institution in Libyan society. There is no doubt that the existence of the historical legacy of this educational institution for more than five centuries was an essential element in its path and is not only a facilitator of the process of transformation and development but also accelerates the pace toward achieving that goal. As we find this in the establishment of the University by Resolution No. 257 of (1415 AH – 1995 AD) by the Council of Ministers (formerly the General People’s Committee) establishing the Alasmarya University for Islamic Sciences. It shall have a legal entity and independent financial responsibility. It shall be affiliated with the Ministry of Education (formerly the General People’s Committee for Education and Scientific Research), concerned with religious education and the revival of Islamic heritage within the framework of university education. It also supervises religious education in religious institutions and secondary schools of Sharia sciences. The amendment to the naming of the Alasmarya University of Islamic Sciences came under Cabinet Resolution No. (444) of 2013 AD issued on Ramadan 29, 1434 AH (7/8/2013 AD) with “stating some provisions regarding Alasmarya University of Islamic Sciences,” which included “Amendment of the university’s naming Alasmariya for Islamic Sciences, so that it becomes, under the new name (Alasmarya Islamic University) AIU. The affiliation of all faculties located in the city of Zliten affiliated with the University of Al-Marqab will be transferred to (Alasmarya Islamic University). The resolution also stated that new faculties could be added according to needs.



A distinguished Islamic university in the field of higher education and scientific research in Islamic, humanitarian and applied sciences that effectively contributes to the promotion of social peace and the creation of sustainable national development


Alasmarya Islamic University seeks to prepare distinguished cadres that keep up with modern-day demands, meet the state development needs and contribute to community service through  education quality and excellence in scientific research while preserving its identity in combining tradition and modernity


Education at the university, in general, aims to develop all dimensions of the student’s personality and to develop all aspects of abilities, aptitudes and capabilities. In particular, education at Alasmarya  Islamic University aims to:

Quality Assurance

Excellent application of total quality systems at the university in order to reach advanced levels in local and international rankings.

University Governance
Academic Programs
Scientific Research and Innovation

Supporting scientific research and encouraging innovation in selected research fields that are compatible with the community’s needs and future aspirations.

Infrastructure and Technology
Partnership and Cooperation
Community Service
Highlighting the Mental Image of the University