UAE (American University in the Emirates) AUE offers 50% discount on the occasion of the 50th UAE National Day

Coinciding with the 50th UAE National Day, the AUE decided to organize an Open Day for the spring semester for the students willing to join the University and their parents, with the aim of introducing them to the University and the new and distinctive specializations offered by the University in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Furthermore, the students will meet with representatives of the University and members of the teaching staff. They will get acquainted closely with the AUE policies and facilities, starting from November 24 to November 30, where the University’s headquarters is located in the Dubai International Academic City in the Emirate of Dubai in the UAE.

On the occasion of the “50th year” and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Union in the Emirates, the AUE decided to grant a 50% discount, out of pride and glory of this dear occasion to the hearts of everyone in the UAE, in addition to being a kind of material and moral stimulation which aims to spread societal awareness about the academic role offered by the University.

During the Open Day, the public will be met and introduced to the various academic disciplines, in addition to the academic programs offered by the University to its students throughout the enrollment period, the scholarships it grants, its types, and the criteria for how to help students benefit from it, in its seven colleges, or undergraduate and postgraduate studies programs, which often place excellence first.

On the open day, the students and their parents will be received by specialists from each college and also each educational program, to answer the inquiries of the participants and introduce them to the

advantages, objectives and innovative teaching methods in all colleges and specializations, its registration mechanisms, and the care and support provided by the University to its students, during the study period and beyond.

Dr. Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, President and CEO of the AUE, said that organizing an Open Day aims to give the largest possible number of the students the opportunity to learn about the University’s mission as an academic entity that relies on teaching methods and innovative methodologies in all disciplines, to create leaders in their fields, who serve themselves, society and the UAE as well.

“The Open Day is primarily an awareness-raising event, and it comes within the University’s strategy that focuses on quality and providing integrated educational paths for students, and preparing them for a successful professional and academic life through state-of-the-art disciplines, that need societal awareness of its goals and future, which the University will do throughout the open week.” Abdul Razzaq added.

The University is proud of its adoption of an integrated American educational system with seven university colleges: the College of Media and Mass Communication (CMMC), the College of Business Administration (COBA), the College of Law (CLAW), the College of Design (CDES), the College of Computer Information Technology (CCIT), the College of Education (CEDU) with its modern specializations, and the College of Security and Global Studies (CSGS), as these colleges meet all current and future needs related to the local and private professional market.