Morcco (Al Quaraouiyine University) Visit of the Pakistani delegation to the University of the Villagers in Fez

On Wednesday 17/05/2017, a High Delegation from the Islamic State of Pakistan consisted of:

– Prof. Dr. Azmar Ali Ranghaha, Dean of the National School of Public Policy (Head of Delegation).
– Mr. Ray Ajaz Ali Zikam, Director General of the Local Authority for Trade Development (Karachi).
– Mr. Sajid Bilal, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
– Mr. Ghulam Mohammed Maimun, Director General of the Department of Evaluation and Commercial Accounting.
-Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Raho, Local Income Representative Karachi.
– Mr. Nassim Sadiq, Secretary General in charge of herd development and milk products (local government coffee Gap Lahore).
– Mr. Shakel Ahmed Secretary General of the Department of the Interior of the Local Government of Sindh Karachi.
– Mr. Director of the Program for Local Investment Ministry of Planning and Development Islamabad.

The delegation was received by Prof. Dr. Amal Jalal, President of Al-Qarawiyyin University, accompanied by his two Vice-Presidents, Dr. Idriss Fassi Fihri, Dr. Mohamed Diwan, the Secretary-General of the University, Dr. Mohammed Bennani Zubair, and Prof. Mohammed Allam, President of the Court of the President of the University, after the welcoming speech of the delegation, the President of the University kindly gave a historical overview of the University and the stages it has traveled since its inception from the age of 245 AH – 259 AD as the first university in the world to undertake the task of training and scientific research in the field of Qur’anic studies, Sharia sciences, Islamic and modern studies The doctrinal and jurisprudential system, especially Maliki jurisprudence and the care of its sources, were also entrusted with the training of judges, preachers and senior state officials.

After that, the head of the Pakistani delegation gave a detailed presentation on the reason for their visit to Morocco, which falls within the framework of their government’s openness to Moroccan expertise and benefit from it in several areas, including religious affairs, which depend on moderation, moderation and tolerance. The Higher World System (Baccalaureate +5) has been adopted at both the Mosque of the Villagers in Fez and the School of Islamic Sciences in Casablanca as two institutions of the University of the Villagers within the framework of its new structure.

Dr. Amal Jalal welcomed this proposal, pointing out the need to organize it within the framework of the university cooperation agreement between the two parties to be presented to the attention of the University Council at its next session.