UK (Aberystwyth University) New university research centre to tackle transport challenges

A research centre focussing on the transport challenges facing society has been officially launched at Aberystwyth University today by the Welsh Government’s Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS.

The Centre for Transport and Mobility (CeTraM) brings together researchers from across the University to explore solutions to local, national and global transport issues.

The aim is to inform policies and practices which shape the way people and goods move from place to place, and investigate systems which are more sustainable, equitable and accessible.

The new research centre will look at the role of new technologies including low-carbon and automated vehicles, smart cities and intelligent mobility.

Building on existing University research projects and expertise, it will also investigate the impact of transport and mobility services on local communities and the importance of understanding and influencing people’s behaviour to bring about change.

Speaking at the launch held as part of the University’s 2022 Festival of Research, the Deputy Minister for Climate Change with responsibility for Transport, Lee Waters MS said,

“With the policies we are putting in place, I am confident that we will see significant improvements in bus travel, cycling and walking, with a greater shift towards sustainable transport.

“Of course, this isn’t just a matter of changing our infrastructure, it’s also a matter of changing behaviours and the new University Research Centre at Aberystwyth University will help us explore ways of doing this by providing innovative solutions to the transport issues that affect us all.”

The Centre for Transport and Mobility will be led by Professor Charles Musselwhite from the University’s Department of Psychology and Professor Peter Merriman from the Department of Geography & Earth Sciences.

Professor Musselwhite said: “Transport and mobility are central to current societal debates on sustainability, climate change, physical activity and health inequalities. At a time of great technological revolution, when both public and private sectors are investing considerable amounts on sustainable transport solutions, the aim of the centre is to investigate some of the key questions facing transport policy makers, social scientists and behavioural scientists today and in the future.”

Professor Merriman said: “The University has a range of projects focussing on different aspects of transport and mobility. This innovative interdisciplinary centre will build on existing research as well as develop new partnerships and collaborations across academia, government, private sector business and organisations, charitable bodies and local communities.”

Further information is available on the website of the Centre for Transport and Mobility (CeTraM)