Taylor’s University (Malaysia) 5 Reasons to Pursue a Degree in International Business and Marketing

04 MARCH 2022 . 5.5 MIN READ

We share 5 reasons why a degree specialising in International Business and Marketing will help you in your career pathway.

A lot of people know what they’d like to pursue in college or university right after graduating high school. Some, on the other hand, have absolutely no clue on what career pathways they’d like to head into or even which direction could lead them to pursuing their passion. And that’s totally okay! If you fall into the latter category, this article is for you.

Bachelor of Business in International Business and Marketing isn’t just another programme that’s available in a university. Let’s face it, the world’s complicated and so is its global economy. Companies worldwide are looking for graduates who can come up with solutions to these growing problems, which makes this degree a useful and vital one. It’s a segue into the world’s increasing global economy and gives you international context and understanding of how today’s society is connected. Sounds like an industry with room to thrive, no?

Here are 5 reasons why taking a Degree in International Business and Marketing will help you in your career pathway.

1. An International Business and Marketing Degree gives you a global perspective.

Studying International Business and Marketing is beneficial to help you achieve a worldwide perspective. Sitting in a classroom with people from all over the world will help you identify and understand the differences of each individual.

You’ll get to learn about the problems that global companies face, look at international trades, and get into details about the global economy. Plus, graduating with this degree tends to give you a ‘big-picture’ perspective.

This helps you understand problems better and come up with innovative and unique solutions.

A woman getting insights through the world map on a digital screen.
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2. An advantage in the job market and vast options with an International Business and Marketing Degree.

One of the biggest advantages of taking a Degree in International Business and Marketing is that you’ll have a wide range of jobs to choose from. An increasing number of organisations approach foreign partners to do business with. Naturally, they’ll look for candidates who know how to steer in situations with complex business transactions.

The degree not only shows that you’ve the ability to make good judgments, it’ll also look good on your resume which shows that you’ve what it takes to operate in a global environment. When it comes to choosing jobs, your options can range from public or private sector jobs to jobs in non-profit agencies in various industries.

Two business people giving each other a handshake over a business agreement.

Additionally, this programme would help you gain skills like leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence. These soft skills get you a long way into securing many jobs which could also drive you towards promotions.

3. Helps improve your problem-solving skills.

Since this whole programme is based on international problems, it can get a little difficult to navigate and study the subject areas. From learning about foreign policies and global logistics to solving issues based on ethics and culture, the things you’ll learn in the International Business and Marketing programme will give you different opportunities to put those problem-solving skills to good use. Even though these problems are complex to deal with, you’d be able to learn new technical problem-solving skills.

While pursuing a Degree in International Business and Marketing, you’re often given real-life case studies to work on. This helps you understand how problems in the real world take place and come up with solutions that tackle these business scenarios.

A group of International Business and Marketing students solving a problem together.

Not only would you be equipped to offer consulting services upon graduation, you’d also be able to communicate better with clients and boost your reputation among employers.

Interested to know what you’d be studying in this programme? Check out the programme structure here.

4. You’ll have hands-on technological experiences, equipping you for Industrial Revolution 4.0.

With the increasing amount of advanced technologies, it’s safe to say that the future of International Business and Marketing is digital. Why is this important?

In our ever-changing environment, the way in which we communicate with our environment and the engagement consumers have with brands and companies is also constantly reinventing itself. Hence, it’s even more crucial for companies to understand the behaviour of their consumers.

That’s how a Degree in International Business and Marketing will equip you.

A businessoman analysing data on a tablet.

In the programme, you’ll learn how to analyse the behaviour with the help of data which allows you to come up with brand strategies that’ll subsequently help boost sales in the company you’d work at. But that’s not all, through the different presentations you’d be doing, you’ll learn how to convey ideas that are both practical and creative. With improved problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box-thinking, a Degree in International Business and Marketing will provide you the foundation and take you far in your career pathway.

5. Gives you a free ticket to opportunities around the world!

One of the many fun perks of studying a Degree in International Business and Marketing is the opportunity to travel the world! As a student, you can opt to travel the world while studying by applying for an exchange programme which includes travelling for a few weeks or even the whole semester. During these visits, you’ll be able to learn and engage with different cultures, truly giving you a taste of the real-world experiences and potential different behaviours worldwide — something that’s definitely appealing to your employers in the future.

Speaking of the future, organisations are more likely to look for employees with the skills and ability to work in a global environment when assigning international postings.

A smiling Malaysian student holding up a Malaysian flag abroad.

This will help you learn how to communicate better with people from different backgrounds and increase diversity in the workplace. Working side-by-side with different people will teach you to understand problems and approach issues with a different and broader perspective, allowing you and your colleagues to come up with more creative and innovative solutions.

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While a general business degree is valuable, in today’s competitive world, a Degree in International Business and Marketing definitely has more advantages. It provides graduates with knowledge and specialised skills making them more valuable in the job market. No doubt, it can be a challenging programme to complete but it’s certain that, upon achieving this feat, you’ll be provided with a lot of solid facts that’ll help you stand out among the tight competition.