Central University of Finance and Economics (China) Athletes,Referees……The Winter Olympic Stories Of These Cufers Are Excellent!

In Central University of Finance and Economics, there are such a group of professional “ice and snowmen”. On weekdays, they are kind teachers around us. On the stage of the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, they served in front of and behind the scenes to ensure the operation of the event, showing the style of Chinese ice and snowmen, and writing the Winter Olympics chapter belonging to CUFE adults with youth and love!

Today, let’s listen to the Winter Olympic stories of these cufers.

Ding Shuai, who was born in 1995, grew up in the “ice city” Harbin and started practicing ice hockey since he was a child. After entering college, he switched back and forth among several different identities, such as athlete, referee and college student. Today, he is a young teacher in the school office, and he was selected as a timekeeper at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“Caring about all people and all things.” Associate Professor Li Hongquan from our school, using this one sentence introduces us to the responsibility on his shoulders. As the competition leader of the snowboard parallel giant slalom event at this Winter Olympics, his daily work is from the competition schedule, the selection of personnel to the organization and preparation, and the running of the event.

Associate Professor Ma Yue, as the information transfer supervisor for snowboarding at this Winter Olympics, is mainly responsible for the information transfer on the field. “The information communication supervisor has a very nice name on the field-it’s called carrier pigeon.” Efficiently in a short time to transmit the official general information of the IOC-designated organization and the result information related to the competition points, this requires the information transmission supervisor not only to have a good international vision, but also to have a certain language ability.